Trusted Advisors

to support you
…if required

Some of our customers already have specialist advisors in place, some need our support, possibly just to run the ESP Pro™ program.

Trusted Advisors are independent specialists, carefully selected, accredited and trained by MorenOE, with a huge range of skills and experience. They can give confidence to the client that there will be continuity and quality of service.

If you required support in facilitating the next phase of your organisational development, we would be pleased to introduce you to a small selection so you can choose who closest suits your requirement.

These advisors may be used to support the entire ESP Pro™ research project, support with particular aspects or facilitate and support change.

Please contact us if you require support or would like to know more about being a MorenOE Trusted Advisor

Financial Arrangements

We charge each TA a small ‘finder’s fee’ for each project that they deliver but we leave all negotiations about project duration and pricing to be resolved between the client and the TA. These finder’s fees go towards funding our CSR programme.


We work directly to identify a range of suitably qualified TAs to act as implementation consultants, suitably matched to the issues identified in the ESP Pro™ report and De-Briefing Workshop and from the vertical sector and territory within which the client currently operates.

Training & Accreditation

Our TA training and accreditation process involves participation in 3 workshops – Practitioner, Advanced and Expert and on completion TAs become fully competent in the MorenOE 11-Point framework.

‘It is impossible to do bad consulting for a good client’

ESP Pro™️ converts average clients into very well-informed clients which means that they can form a very close and powerful partnership with their TA.