ESP Pro™

What is ESP Pro™?

ESP Pro™ is an on-line Predictive Business Analysis (PBA) tool that allows a business, department or function leader to examine and score organisational effectiveness (OE) against 11 predictive success factors.

ESP Pro™ helps business leaders validate their OE assessments and gives confidence on strategic and operational decisions.

Why’s it Different?

We’ve digitalised the process, so compared to traditional methods, it’s impartial, radically quicker, far less disruptive on staff and management, and consequently is immensely cost effective. It supports the decision making process, leading to accelerated positive change.

What is predictive business analysis?

We know from many years of academic research and practitioner experience the factors required if a company is going to be successful, so we use that know-how to inform and guide business leaders on what they have to do today to build awesome businesses in the future.

Can you really predict?

Yes. The statistical validity of the 11 factors is well established and widely published in academic papers and in the best-selling business books and publications. And feedback from our users who have seriously implemented changes as a result of our information and guidance consistently shows that measurable improvements have been made.

What’s The ESP Pro™ Process?

A specifically developed questionnaire is distributed confidentially (GDPR) to selected employee levels of a business, their inputs are analysed against statistical norms and the software quickly delivers a very detailed report to the project sponsor.

A half-day debrief workshop (more) is included, delivered by an experienced facilitator who will encourage positive discussion and outcomes.

ESP Pro Process Flow

As an on-line tool, ESP Pro™ has a number of speed and integrity advantages:

  • It’s designed to be very quick and easy to set up, activate and obtain the findings via a very comprehensive report that provides results based commentary and a matrix of measurement.
  • The speed of delivery is days (or potentially hours) rather than weeks/months.
  • Data analysis and reporting is highly accurate/consistent without human interpretation/variation.
  • The research data is absolutely private (GDPR compliant), allowing participants to answer the questionnaire honestly without fear of retribution (thus creating more realistic data). Individuals can’t be identified via department, age etc.
Speed and integrity advantages

Developed through many years of experience, ESP Pro™ is unique in that it:

  • Is ‘behavioural‘ rather than ‘trait’ based. Behaviours are known to be far easier to change than traits, allowing a higher degree of success moving forwards.
  • The questions within the questionnaire have been very carefully crafted to ensure unbiased accuracy of data.
  • Provides a measurement index – a value for each of the 11 factors allowing easy recognition of the strongest and weakest areas, benchmarking against industry sector and a tool to measure impact of change programs.

The EPS Pro™ process comprises of three stages:

  1. Setup & Research
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Reporting & Workshop

Stage 1 – The project is set up by selecting and carrying out a full and effective briefing to the potential participants. The multiple-choice questionnaire is digitally distributed confidentially (GDPR) to the participants, who usually take between 20/30 minutes to complete.

Stage 2 – Once enough participants have taken part, the project manager can activate the data analysis, where their inputs are analysed against statistical norms.

Stage 3 – The software quickly delivers a very detailed report to the business leader on the findings and the key actions they need to consider. A half-day workshop provides clarity and supports a positive outcome to the project. An optional one-day workshop is available for those wanting to benefit from a deeper analysis as provided by the ESP Pro™ Congruence Indicator (more).

ESP Pro Report Example
How is the survey structured?

The ESP Pro™ survey contains 110 questions distributed across 11 predictive success factors using a six-point scoring scale.

The questions are behavioural in nature, which means that the report is based upon what happens in an organisation rather than what type of organisation it is or how people feel about that organisation.

The 11 predictive success factors are academically grounded and validated and provide an organisational profile against 3 categories, Leadership, Processes & People.

11 Key Business Success Factors - Organisational Development

How Will ESP Pro™ Help Me As A Business Leader?

It’s an accountability and support tool, it will add confidence to decision making within the board agenda. It will provide useful information for businesses addressing potential challenges – growth, up-scaling, competition, regulation, new technology, management / ownership changes, staff retention, readiness for sale.

Using ESP Pro

ESP Pro™ is designed to work most effectively when used by as many organisational members as possible. More data will provide more value and depth to the report.

However, you can take a solo flight to try it out!

Just be aware that it only reflects one persons input, so you’re likely to read the report and say ‘I knew that already’. What will be really useful, is to see if everyone else thinks the same!

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ESP Pro™ Instruction Guide
Academic Roots
Academic Roots

Organisational Effectiveness (OE) is the output from the study of Organisational Development (OD). ESP Pro™ is based on many years of experience and research.

Debrief Workshop
Debrief Workshop

A half-day workshop (link) allows clarity of results and positive output for the project. An optional full day workshop would include the ESP Pro™ Congruence Indicator

Factors of Business Success
11 Factors

Within the elements of People, Process and Leadership, eleven key factors combine to build the foundations of successful Organisational Effectiveness.


Anonymity is crucial for all participants to ensure integrity of results. GDPR is built into the system and of key importance to the process.

Report on Organisational Effectiveness
Report Content

A measurement matrix providing an overall ESP Pro™ score plus all the sub factor scores provide valuable insight, combined with commentary on each.

Trusted Business Advisor
Trusted Advisors

Our network of specially selected, trained and approved independent advisors are available if required to support any change programs moving forwards.

Let’s build together.