ESP Pro™ Instructions

ESP Pro™ Instruction Guide

Getting the Most out of Your Survey

Preparation – Before you launch

  1. Decide who you’re going to invite as survey participants
    • You may decide to include a limited number of participants initially, or a particular location, then roll it out further once you have a deeper understanding of the process and report content.
    • The greater the number of contributors to your survey, the more you can rely on the usefulness of the survey.
  2. Brief potential participants about the survey – HIGH IMPACT ON RESPONSE RATE
    • Why the company is doing the survey
    • What the management team is going to do with the results
      • How they will be used to help strategic decision making
      • What information may be fed back to the participants and company afterwards
    • If you want to receive good survey response rates and honest individual inputs to the survey, it is CRITICAL that the contributors know that their inputs are confidential and that their scores/comments can’t be traced back to them – using GDPR assurances is insufficient for this purpose.
    • That they will receive an automated email from MorenOE, the company behind the ESP survey platform. This will include a link to the survey instructions,
During the Survey

You should ensure that all contributors are given ‘business allocated time’ to complete the survey – most contributors will complete the process inside 30 minutes.

After the Survey
  • You and your senior colleagues should review the results carefully and determine what actions you want to take as a result. This should take place seriously and conscientiously. Part of the ESP Pro™ program is a half-day facilitation, designed to deliver the results in a controlled and effective way.
  • You should ensure that the results of the survey and the proposed actions are cascaded back to all contributors shortly afterwards, otherwise cynicism will take over. You should communicate the date for when that will happen, stick to it and periodically provide progress reports.
  • Much of what is described above requires your face-to-face contact with the contributors – pushing out an email simply asking for compliance will not achieve the ‘heart and soul’ required.
Measuring Continuous Improvement

You should consider re-launching the survey at least once a year (some clients do it every 6 months) so that you can have an external measure of the progress you have made (or not).