We work with a range of companies in various sectors, telecom, IT, utilities, defence, pharmaceutical etc. Our ESP Pro™ tool starts to gain real momentum with 100/150 employees plus (the more data, the more insightful the results).

See comments from some of our customers below…

“The process was hugely valuable to the senior management team in provided us with huge insight into the organisation and providing a structured measurement system which will enable us to assess future change with accuracy.
Operations Director, Financial Services

“MorenOE worked with our executive team at a time when significant organisational developments were required to achieve increased sales and reduced operating costs.  MorenOE challenged our way of doing things and brought in new ideas. With MorenOE’s support, the executive team determined a series of change plans and implemented them over the forthcoming twelve months or so. With MorenOE’s enthusiasm and energy behind us, the desired results and improvements were achieved.

CEO, Technology

Being able to see how our operations work together from a different perspective was invaluable. It’s quite staggering seeing the results, a hugely useful process.
Customer Services Director, Retail

Business forecast analysis, clarity

The first time I heard about MorenOE and ESP I needed convincing – what was this crystal ball nonsense about predictive business analysis? What I quickly learned was the exact opposite!

And ESP was an extremely powerful tool for discussing our business goals and challenges for 2020. Somehow it gave us a new language and fresh perspectives and with my top team we were able to ‘deep dive’ into many of the issues that we needed to address and although the ride will doubtless be challenging, we start the journey with confidence and enthusiasm. Thank you.

Group IT Director, Technology

With separate operational elements positioned in various parts of the country, we were surprised at the differences in culture. The results were very insightful and will enable us to adjust out management approach moving forwards.
Customer Operations Director, Technology

Business Report

MorenOE’s 11-factor model is a powerful template for developing the organisational effectiveness of any organisation and the very detailed ESP report gave me clarity about the real business challenges we face.

Together with my team we now have a powerful agenda for change which we hope to re-assess in 9 months when we plan to do the survey for a second time.

CEO, Financial Services

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