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Corporate Social Responsibility


It is the policy of the leadership team of MorenOE Ltd to use our success as a business to put something back into the economy and broader society which makes our very existence possible and this document outlines that policy in more detail.


Our Purpose


We choose to commit to this policy for two reasons….


Firstly, we feel an ethical need to do so. We are fortunate to be personally well educated and or trained, we have been presented with career and personal development opportunities along the way, we have good access to healthcare systems and compared to many we are in a good place.


But many others are not and we want to give those who might need some support that lift-up which might make a difference to their lives.


Secondly, by giving something back to those less fortunate we know that our efforts will have a positive public relations impact which has to be good for our business, even though we would never want to quantify it.


Our Commitment


We commit to the following….


  • We will give some of our time to worthwhile endeavours
  • We will donate 5% of our net annual profit to worthwhile endeavours


Worthwhile Endeavours


Whilst this list will be subject to review from time to time by the leadership team of MorenOE Ltd, we consider that the following four activities are worthwhile endeavours….


Activity 1 – Regional support to young people in business – by providing internships, educational sponsorship, face-to-face coaching, networking, advice, sabbaticals; directly or through The Prince’s Trust


Activity 2 – Support to struggling UK businesses – by providing our software free of charge to companies who are fighting to survive, helping them to turn things around and save jobs; directly or through Insolvency Practitioners


Activity 3 – Financial support to local/national charities


Activity 4 – Support of the UN Global Goals Initiative


Our Process


The leadership team of MorenOE Ltd will review our time commitment to the four activities above on a quarterly basis and decide on the donations to be made at the year end




Clive Weston – Co-Founder and Director




Peter Lockett – Co-Founder and Director