Phoenix or Fail – A CEO View

Whether a business will rise out of the ashes or disappear into the ether during this Covid-19 period will be determined by a number of factors. Some are external and/or historic and out of the control of a CEO, but many are internal and firmly within the control of the leadership team. And where it is the latter, the future of the business will be determined by present decisions and actions.

Whilst the leadership theorists and academics have been talking about Transformational Leadership since the early 1970’s, only those business leaders who understand it and are able to put it into practice and do it well will be those who will be able to move on after Covid-19.

This pandemic has struck at the very heart of business enterprise and may well go on to create a recession far worse than any of us have experienced before. Many companies will collapse financially, or because they were not resilient and forgot to place their employees front and centre. Others will collapse because they forgot that customers and suppliers matter too.

But there will be companies that survive and go on to thrive in the post-pandemic era. We call them Phoenix Companies – able to rise from the ashes because they are able to adapt and change faster than their competition. And Phoenix Companies are always led by inspirational leaders who create cultures and working practices and followers who want to put in the extraordinary effort to make things happen.

Are these inspirational leaders born or made? The research suggests that it is a combination of both. So whatever your start point, are you ready for the task? Do you have the vision, the right skill sets and the positive attitudes to build a Phoenix Company?

MorenOE is a specialist consultancy company helping ‘good clients’ build Pheonix Companies. But our services can only help out those business leaders who are ready and able to work with us to effect change.

Free Temporary Service During Covid-19

But in these current times of ‘lockdown’ we able to help business leaders to get their ‘own houses in order’ through a short series of coaching/advisory sessions (30/45 mins each) via the web. The scope for these sessions is determined and agreed by both parties in the initial discussions and they are provided without charge.

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